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Gone in April

One year past so fast
Come again April in my year
Come again fuckin’ disaster in my life
Why always April,
Why always you,
Why always there’s something different going wrong,

If we do something better, if we happy for sure, if we fix all of our mistake, would we?
yeah we’ve done !!
I thought it’s all seems easily than before ,

May I get something perfect , God  ? :(
May we? Please,, tell me what real is happening to us?
Tell me how to walk on this world alone again..
Tell me how to make this right, cause I all not right. ! tell me god !!

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{ utari damayanti } at: 15 Maret 2012 21.43 mengatakan...

ihh gue baru baca yg ini tik,aseeek ftonyaa uhuuk uhuuuukkkk :D

{ Aditya Nugroho } at: 15 Maret 2012 21.44 mengatakan...

berasa kenal ya?hahaha

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