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I Hope Someday You Have It All

I just never thought to hurt you when I talk to you
that's just something a concern for
that’s just my trait that i want to always surrounding you

Sorry if it was not approve with my disposition like this
cause I won’t approve with your behaviour such that

Pretend to always be behind me
No need to hide about the things you and i most probably know
everything's easy for me just to find the mistakes

But I had never done, I don’t wanna to make you feel innocent
Realize, this is continues, and there will be no words of peace in our hearts
When it all began with not necessarily
When I started to open up all of your words
what action I did was something stupid, that no more than who the guy with his fears

I don’t wanna see you cry, want to see you laugh, but that there are maybe something still hidden

As i always find a mistake after that I reveal it,  you and i too long  to stuck in this same room,

Understanding to each other for me and for you, so that we can grow up and not talk too much more ,that just cause the same problem continue

Understanding your mistakes and mine
be grateful for both of us for the truth

I hope someday you have it all..

4 Coment:

{ utari damayanti } at: 7 November 2011 16.47 mengatakan...

bahasa inggris lu jelek banget dit,hahahahahahaaa pake google translate yaaaaakk???? :p -___-V

{ Aditya Nugroho } at: 7 November 2011 23.29 mengatakan...

jangan bikin malu dong un,,
walaupun jelek pantang bwt gw pake gugel translit, hahaha :D

{ utari damayanti } at: 8 November 2011 00.43 mengatakan...

hahahaha jadi ini bikinan lu sendiri??? boleh deh usahanyaa :D

{ Aditya Nugroho } at: 8 November 2011 14.19 mengatakan...

tau deh yang jurusan inggris mah , huhu

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