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Be cast down

when the fear of losing replaced with a new sense of love,
as tears replaced with a smile,
when I walk without a destination is replaced with a stopover,,
I never find again the miracle like that,,
one thing for sure I know,

I really feel lose myself in anguish,
one thing I dreamed until now,
get out of fragility,,
and rediscover myself that has been lost cause of u,
right now I'm lamenting everything,

I can't lie that I still long for u, miss you,
However, I don't want to chase you back,,
cause I know ur heart is not for me,
I want u to know, ur bliss is my bliss too,,
please never ask how I was doing again,
because I want you to disappear from my sight

as the last sentence,
I'll find someone who would take care entirely, more than you,,
These things can I write tonight,
soon, i couldn't feel anything for anymore..

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